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Sankt Annæ Gymnasium

Copenhagen Girls' Choir

Sankt Annæ Pigekor

The Copenhagen Girls' Choir rates among the best of its kind in Denmark and has its home at the Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, the Copenhagen Municipal Choir School. The Choir has a broad repertoire with special focus on new music and popular music. Many composers of stature have felt persuaded to write for the choir, among them Knut Nystedt, Ib Nørholm, Svend S. Schultz, Thomas Clausen, Leif Kayser and Michael Bojesen. This music is often taken up by other girls’ choirs. The choir also performs older music by composers such as Gabriel Fauré and Johs. Brahms.


Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte. Photo: Steen Evald

The Copenhagen Girls' Choir is characterized by its homogenous sound, partly resulting from the fact that the girls are of the same age, partly a result of the careful voice-training that all the pupils of the Sankt Annæ Gymnasium go through.

The Copenhagen Girls' Choir consists of all the girls from grade 6 through 9 at the Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, nearly 130 girls altogether. Depending on the task at hand, the choir usually performs with somewhere between 30 and 60 voices.

The Staff

Patron: HRH Prinsesse Benedikte


Copenhagen Girls' Choir | Sjælør Boulevard 135 | DK-2500 Valby | Phone +45 3646 6222 | Direct +45 3614 0177 | Mail pigekoret@sag.dk
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